Hit #1 on Amazon Book

Hit 1 on Amazon Book

Hit 1 on Amazon Book

Hit #1 on Amazon Book

it’s not that difficult to hit #1 on Amazon with a well-structured book launch if you choose your categories well. The real trick is to keep your book on the first page of its category, in the top 20 books, for long-term visibility and sustainable income.

Plus, Amazon’s recent crackdown of KU scammers means that even legitimate book promotion services can get your book delisted and penalized

so here’s a list of book marketing tips

#1. Remove barriers to resistance (price, design, social trust).
increase desire to overcome resistance

remove the resistance.

 If you have hundreds of reviews (or just a few from famous people), a stellar website with amazing design, powerful sales copy, a perfect book cover and you get mentioned on high traffic sites, you may be able to start earning right away.

But if you’re starting with none of that and are just putting your book on Amazon, it’s going to be difficult to get anyone to trust you. Make it easier for them to take a risk on your book by lowering the price – or making it free.

Great design and reviews help a lot as well, and that’s something you can always be improving. But making a book free or permafree continues to be the single most powerful form of online marketing.

2. Authenticity. Failure. Relatability.
Start with who you are and what you have. Reveal yourself. It’s much easier to build relationships if you’re a person

3. Offer something extra for free to get optins,

You need to grow your email list. You should always have an offer that will appeal to your target readers. It doesn’t have to be long – a short PDF can often work better than a free book.

4. Have a decent website or landing page (important).
Pick a clean, professional WordPress theme, get a simple text logo. Your book cover should be the most beautiful thing on your website.

5. Build relationships by giving away even more great content in your email autoresponder.

You can send book recommendations, things you’re reading, or anything else that your followers may be interested in. What you don’t want to do is just keep asking them to buy your book.

6. Write MORE books

Most of this stuff isn’t going to work very well if you only have one book.

7. Get more traffic
The easiest way to get more traffic to your website is to post content on bigger websites with more traffic. Some sites are free to use, like Hubpages or Medium.

8. Strategic Partnering to share platforms
Focus on creating a network of authors in your genre or niche. Seek them out. There are probably a hundred self-published authors out there trying to promote books similar to yours (or thousands, more likely).

9. Earn social karma by focusing on helping others.

Read other author’s books and leave them reviews. You can let them know you’ve reviewed it and enjoyed it.

10. Optimize Amazon to get found
The secret to Amazon or any other book sites are these:

  • Research keywords
  • what people are searching for.
  • use those search terms in your title or subtitle.
  • Add them into your description.
  • Bonus points for adding them in bold, or in a checklist.
  • Put your book in very targeted, minor categories.

11. Create content.
Write the type of articles that would be enjoyed by your readers
Content by Derek Murphy summarized by ArashJahani