Book Cover Design Rules

Knowing the process used to design the book cover will allow you to make better choices and the result will be more satisfying. One of the most important parts to consider when designing a book cover is knowing the overall atmosphere of the book (which, of course, is common with designing a magazine cover) so meeting with the book’s author can be a great way to make your work more professional. While talking to the author of the book, it becomes clear in which direction the content has moved, so that the design of the book cover can proceed more coherently based on the book’s internal approaches. A successful designer should generally read the important parts of the book to determine which idea is appropriate for the cover design. Therefore, communication with the author of the book in general can play an important role in the final result.

Book Title

The first important step in designing a book cover is placing elements on the cover. What does it mean now? In general, the statistics and evaluations that show in the range of different tastes, the title of the book should be in the upper half of the book. This issue is important in several ways. First, the book is clearly visible in the bookstore window and it is determined in what atmosphere the general subject of the book is.
Font and cover color: The next word is the font that should be used, the font used should be clear, so the choice of color for the font is excellent, it is also necessary that the taste of the designer and the subject of the book be used carefully in choosing the font.

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Another topic that requires care in designing the cover of the book is Subtitle, Subtitle is an explanation that is considered about the title as well as the subject of the book and is generally applied after the title, Book cover designer should put it in line with the title and how good Is that the designer can consider the sweater as a compliment.

Author’s name

It is necessary to use the word “author” or “collector” on the cover of the book, and sometimes the translator of the book is also applied, which should be printed at a certain distance from the title based on the importance of the book. The user is also evaluated. The font used for this option should be smaller than the book title and title font.

Book cover color

Different approaches can be considered regarding the color used on the book cover design. The color can be chosen in one hand with the rest of the book or it can use a completely different color.
Images on the cover: If the subject of the book is public, using images and photos on the cover can be a smart choice. If the book is on a list of non-public books, shapes and forms are better choices. In designing the cover of a book, choosing the right image on the cover is very important and is effective in attracting the user’s attention.
An important point for designing a book is that it is better to include the elements used in the book. In fact, choosing the right elements creates a directional path. This is also confirmed by psychologists and makes the user more willing to visit the inner parts of the book.

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Finally, if you think that the above rules are complicated, or you do not have time and money to learn complex designing software, I suggest you leave the design of your cover to a professional designer because the book cover is one of the most important parts of selling books.
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