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Important Aspects of Page layout & Interior Book Design

Most writers focus on creating a great book cover design, but good design principles for the inner pages are often ignored. This results in a poor reading experience for readers. That means you might end up with bad reviews of readers for your book just because you failed to design it properly.

You need to make sure your interior design is perfect if you don’t want to end up with bad reviews.

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Trim size & Margins

Margins are perhaps the most important part of a book layout. A book page has three margins (outside, top, bottom) and a gutter (the inside margin where the pages are glued or sewed together). Each of those margins has a particular job: the outside margins give room for the reader’s thumbs when they hold the book.

The top margin is where you’ll usually find the author and name of the book, as well as the page number (more on those later!). The bottom margin provides a white space that supports your text block. The gutter makes sure the text doesn’t slip into the glued or sewed area.

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Free Book Formatting Applications

Here are some free apps available for book formatting

Amazon KDP has Kindle Create

Calibre (runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux )

Ywriter (runs on Windows)

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How To Choose Book Titles

Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing a Book Title:

The title of the book should not be duplicate

The title of the book should be remembered by the reader

The title of the book should be creative and innovative

The title of the book should be bold

The title of the book should be indirectly related to the content of the book

The title of the book should be concise and useful

Audio Book Or Not?

Audio Book Or Not?

Advantages of audiobook
Audiobooks cost less

the price of e-books in book reader apps is cheaper than print books since the elimination of paper and printing costs so that many people can use them.

Audiobooks can be updated easily

E-books easily can be updated and new copies can be available to the users, and usually, they do not cost much on the other hand having new copies of a book requires spending money and buying it again.

Better access to Audiobooks

Free audiobooks are as portable as printed books but in a different way. You can bring more books with you for free audiobooks.

However, some readers still believe that they are willing to give up all these benefits and have their own print books. They believe that they get a better feeling to read print books.

large yearly calendar

Extra large yearly calendar

Extra-large yearly calendar

Printable file

Custom day-offs can be added

High Quality

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Manual or Digital illustration?

Nowadays, wherever we go and whatever we look at we are surrounded by images that make a huge impact on human communication as well as conveying meanings. Therefore, images have become an essential component of human life. The illustration is a branch of graphic design in which a story is narrated by the illustration artist. Based on the mentioned fact, an illustrator is somewhat of a graphic translator. Illustration is an independent art that is constructed upon its very own principles, and this separates it from painting. It is for conveying a message or a particular idea that the artist creates an image. These images could be presented in individual one-page artworks or a consecutive multi-page format. Furthermore, establishing a strong relationship between the written text and the art is considered as another purpose of illustration…


Color temperature

Color temperature is one of the main topics and categories of colors that there are three indicators of color temperature;
Warm, cold and neutral,
The possibility of arousing people’s emotions can be controlled by distinguishing this color classification. Warm colors with shades of yellow and red; Cool colors are blue, green or purple. Neutral colors include brown, gray, black and white…

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Book Cover Design Principles

If you pay attention to the designs on the cover of the book, the use of red and black and white and highlighting are very important topics that can have the greatest impact with the least detail. In fact, a simple but significant design is the most important principle in book cover design.

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Book Cover Designer

Knowing the process used to design the book cover will allow you to make better choices and the result will be more satisfying. One of the most important parts to consider when designing a book cover is knowing the overall atmosphere of the book (which, of course, is common with designing a magazine cover) so meeting with the book’s author can be a great way to make your work more professional. While talking to the author of the book, it becomes clear in which direction the content has moved, so that the design of the book cover can proceed more coherently based on the book’s internal approaches. A successful designer should generally read the important parts of the book to determine which idea is appropriate for the cover design. Therefore, communication with the author of the book in general can play an important role in the final result.