How to Publish Your Book

How to Publish Your Book

If you aspire to be an author and want to get your book published, it is essential to know the different methods of publishing.

Now, more than any other time in history, there are a multitude of opportunities and possibilities to write, share, publish and interact with audiences. You are the one who decides what works best…

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What is Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon’s KDP is one of the tools authors use to publish their books online. Publishing through KDP makes an eBook available on Amazon to Kindle readers.

All you need to do is making a KDP account which is connected to your amazon customer account. KDP includes a variety of useful features, including free file conversion, sales tracking, and additional tools to help you arrange special types of books, like textbooks and children’s books….

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Tips for self-editing your novel

After all of those grueling hours of work you have finally finished your first phase of book, writing, and it’s really good. Your story is now one step closer to being read by people all around the world. But for now, just sit back and relax for a while because the next phase is editing everything.

I strongly suggest you to ask a professional editor for this step because editing is just as important as writing, but even in this case, it would be better to self-edit to prevent sending a manuscript full of mistakes to your editor. The cleaner your manuscript is before sending to editor, the less you will pay and less time will be spent by the editor fixing small grammatical and punctual errors.

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