Simple Book Cover Design

Minimal Book Cover Design

You have heard these words a lot but… what is book cover design principles?
If you pay attention to the designs on the cover of the books, the use of red and black and white and highlighting are very important topics that can have the greatest impact with the least detail. In fact, a simple but significant design is the most important principle in book cover design.

If it is possible to draw the audience’s attention to an element in the design space, it will cause an extraordinary sensory reaction. In fact, in designing the cover of a book, it is very important to observe one’s imagination. If the subject of the book is about the warm, you should feel the warmness of a red room on your fingertips in designing the cover of the book. Creating an exciting atmosphere is the art of a book cover designer.

The cover design of the book should in some cases have a double meaning. If it is to be designed for a detective book, it is very important to create a mysterious atmosphere on the cover of the book. This can have a direct effect on the amount of lighting that is included in the design of the cover.

Experimental reactions

Experimental reactions must be involved in the design of the book cover, which is not an easy task. For example, suppose a book talks about osteoarthritis. In designing the cover of a book, the design should be applied in such a way that the audience puts their hand on their neck as soon as they see it!

Excess in book cover design is a disaster! Suppose a mysterious design is to be used on the cover of a book. The trick used must be such that it does not overwhelm the user! In fact, the image used in this series of designs should be considered in a balanced position. Using text boxes can alleviate a bit of storytelling.


On the other hand, the deviation must be taken into account, and that is, if you want to have illustrations on the cover of the book so that the reader can answer all his questions, he will never want to enter the book, so the user must always remain in a hidden space so that Want to go into details This is one of the important principles of book cover design. The illustration for the book cover design must be human. The look used must be applied as skillfully as possible. Too much fear, too much violence, too much kindness, too many disgusting colors and all hurt the end result; human spirits are important in designing the cover of a book.

Here are some ideas for designing the cover of different types of books:

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